Insurance for Dogs

Reimbursement:  Subject to policy limits and deductible selected.  You may also choose a co-payment option.  Costs for routine or elective procedures are not covered.

Veterinary Exam Fees:  Conducted by a licensed veterinarian to diagnose or treat an injured or ill pet.

Diagnostic Treatments:  Including specialized chemistry and hematology are covered provided the treating veterinarian deems it a necessary part of investigating  a covered injury or illness.

Surgery:  Deemed medically necessary by a licensed veterinarian. Elective procedures such as cosmetic or preventive surgeries are not covered.

Imaging: Deemed medically necessary by a licensed veterinarian to help treat your pet’s injury or illness.  MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound are covered.

Cancer Treatments:  Veterinary oncology care and procedures such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Dental Treatments (non-routine):  Provided your pet has had it’s teeth checked by a veterinarian in the 12 months prior to the effective date of coverage, and any treatment recommended was performed.

Rehabilitation:  Prescribed by a licensed vet as part of a treatment protocol and performed at a veterinary facility.

Alternative Therapies:  Such as acupuncture, homeotherapy, Chiropractic treatment and stem cell therapy are covered provided the treatment is recommended and administered by a licensed vet.

Referral & Specialist Treatment:  including surgery, oncology, cardiology, opthamology, dermatology, dentistry and neurology are covered.

Additional coverage available.

Examples of injuries and illnesses:

Ingestion of a foreign body, motor vehicle accident, poisoning, cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, hip dysplasia, allergies, urinary tract infection, periodontal disease, ear infections and cataracts.