Accident & Illness Coverage for Cats & Dogs

What is pet insurance?

Pet health insurance helps you pay for unexpected veterinary expenses due to accidents or illnesses.  So, if your pet has an accident or becomes ill, Petplan pet insurance helps pick up the bill.

What do Petplan policies cover?

Petplan provides full coverage for all veterinary fees due to unexpected illness or injury.  Coverage under a Petplan policy includes, but is not limited to:  laboratory and diagnostic testing, surgery, prescription medications, non-routine dental treatment, referral and specialist treatment, imaging, rehabilitation, alternative therapies and more!

Do all policies cover hereditary and chronic conditions?

Yes!  We provide full coverage for the treatment of all hereditary and chronic conditions as standard.  With Petplan, you don't have to purchase additional plan options to help you get peace of mind.

What about alternative and complementary treatments?

Absolutely!  If your vet recommends any holistic care or alternative therapy for the treatment of your pet's unexpected illness or injury, your Petplan policy will cover it, provided they are administered by a licensed veterinarian.  This includes acupunture, veterinary chiropractic treatments, hydrotherapy and more!

How does Petplan compare to other pet insurance providers?

Petplan is rated #1 for customer satisfaction in independent reviews on, and has been since 2008!  Quite simply, we deliver the best coverage, the best customer service and the best value in the market - and our policyholders (and their pets) love us for it!

​Can I use my current veterinarian?

Yes!  In fact, with Petplan you can visit any licensed veterinarian in the U. S. or Canada.

Are there any waiting periods?

Petplan policies offer the shortest waiting periods in the industry!  Policies are effective at 12:01am (EST) the day after enrollment.  There is a 24-hour waiting period for accidents, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and a six (6)-month exclusion for problems associated with cruciates and patellas (knees).  This exclusion can be waived by having your pet's knees examined and certified as healthy by your vet within the first thirty (30) days of the policy.

How much does it cost?

Petplan premiums are calculated based on your individual pet's breed, age and the cost of veterinary care in your area.  You have the flexibility to adjust your plan, including the deductible and reimbursement amount, so the policy fits your needs and our budget precisely.

Are discounts available?


What's not covered?

As with all pet health insurance policies, pre-existing conditions are not covered.  Petplan also does not offer coverage for wellness and preventative care.  Data shows us that insurance or routine treatments (which can be anticipated and budgeted for) can inflate premiums, and can often reduce coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions, or even unexpected accidents.  To give you the best value for the premium you pay, and to ensure that we can always cover "the big stuff," routine wellness care is excluded from coverage.