Accident & Illness Coverage for Cats & Dogs

Hawaii Pet Insurance is the state's only locally owned and operated insurance agency that provides coverage exclusively for cats and dogs. 

Pet insurance has been available in the United States for over 25 years.  However, it is a new concept to Hawaii despite a growing need for accessible accident and illness insurance for our furry friends.  Hawaii Pet Insurance is underwritten by Petplan, the world's leading provider of pet insurance.  Petplan is backed by Allianz, the largest property and casualty insurance company in the world.

When you take your cat or dog to the vet you usually pay in full at the end of each visit.  Hawaii Pet Insurance can reimburse you for many of these expenses.  In the same way your employer provides you with health insurance, Hawaii Pet Insurance can provide coverage when your pet needs it the most for an unexpected accident or illness.

Advances in medicine allow our pets to enjoy longer, healthier lives.  This healthcare can be expensive.  Hawaii Pet Insurance can help defray costly veterinary bills and provide coverage for illness and calamities such as ingesting foreign objects, car accidents and poisoning.

Hawaii Pet Insurance will be there when you need it.  Contact us today and we'll provide you with the best plan for your cat or dog!


Phone: 462-8367