Accident & Illness Coverage for Cats & Dogs

As pet parents, we are committed to doing whatever we can to help our pets stay healthy long into old ageVeterinarians now have a lot more resources available for diagnosing, treating and curing many health conditions that previously resulted in unfortunate consequences for our pets.  With this increased level of care comes increased veterinary costs. 

Our accident and illness coverage can give you peace of mind when it matters the most.  We offer affordable and competitive plans that can be customized to fit your budget.  So if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not vet bills.  We offer life-long coverage for all hereditary, congenital  and chronic conditions.  As in the case with any other pet insurance company, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Lucy: Terrier Mix/2yrs Old

Policy - $22,000/yrReimbursement - 90%

Deductible - $200, Monthly Premium - $29.58

Policy Benefits

          $10,000/yr - $22,000/yr

Reimbursement Levels

          80% - 100%


          $50 - $200


Did You Know...

Unexpected Vet Care
1 in 3 pets per year will need unexpected vet care.
Expensive Vet Costs
Every 6 seconds, a pet parent is faced with a vet bill for more than $1,000

$14.4 Billion

Of the 55.7 billion spent on pets in 2013, pet parents spent $14.4 billion for vet care.

Flexible Plan Options

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